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About us

Active since 2011, the start-up Green Transportation GmbH offers its customers “driver” services in an ecological concept at attractive rates.

Since its inception, the company strives to not only minimize its environmental footprint, but also to offer its partners decent collaboration conditions in order to offer its customers a service with high social and environmental value.

Our services meet the needs of a thoughtful and planned mobility. We appeal to those who prefer an environmentally friendly mode of transport and can plan their trips.

With ECOW Mobility, customers have the means to significantly reduce their environmental footprint and enjoy a full chauffeur service without paying more. Our online booking system offers our customers, anxious to fully optimize their travel, a detailed view of their mobility in real time.

Our mission

Offer our customers quality services with high environmental and social value at attractive rates. We follow all the guidelines imposed by ISO 14001 since our launch. We will be happy to provide our environmental management system manual.

Our values

Environmental friendliness: By working only with the cleanest existing vehicles on the market, we are committed to respect the environment.

Societal well-being: By encouraging our customers to adopt a thoughtful mobility, our company aims to :

  • Promote the use of clean transport;
  • Significantly reduce CO2 emissions;
  • Reduce noise pollution;
  • Limit trafic and  the need to park;
  • Save time;

Customer Focus: Flexibility, responsiveness and anticipating our clients expectations are the skills that allow us to meet their demands by offering quality services.

Our commitment

Our management focuses on strategy and management actions that fully integrate the principles of sustainable development in all our activities to create added value for all our stakeholders. We thus every effort to promote economic, social and environmental responsibility . We provide services which satisfy the present generation without compromising the ability of future needs.